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Acceptable Use of IT Policy

Why and what

In 2018, one in two workers in Australia shopped online during work hours which (according to SmartCompany) cost up to $31 billion dollars in lost productivity for businesses like yours. But it’s not just lost productivity from internet misuse that can cost businesses - employees viewing or sharing content from inappropriate websites can result in sexual harassment claims which can end up costing millions. Malware is also a huge issue facing businesses and internet surfing might just open the door to an online fraudster.


It may seem like common sense, however having an IT Use Policy in place is the first step in protecting your business, your employees and your systems. Employees can become complacent about the emails and messages they send using company systems so it doesn’t hurt to remind them that they can be monitored. These days it’s almost impossible to make something completely disappear and anything sent from a company system is company property and it’s scary, if not a little embarrassing, to think what might be able to be brought up in a court case.


A simple guide setting out what is and isn’t acceptable can be your first line of defence and can also be used to point out the consequences of breaching the policy.Guidelines give strong parameters for employees and employers and ensures that everyone feels like they’re being treated equally when an issue arises.


Our GoldDocs Acceptable IT Use Policy is easy to read and understand - and even better, it takes just minutes to create.  The document is fully customisable once downloaded. 

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