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Employee Presentation Policy

Why and what

Have you ever received an invitation to a party with a dress code like smart casual, cocktail, morning suit or informal and sat scratching your head? Interpreting your office dress code can be just as tricky when there are no guidelines in place. The days of suits, ties and stockings are giving way to more casual attire but that doesn’t mean we are quite ready for ripped jeans and midriff tops to become the norm.


As a business owner, spending time on HR can seem like a necessary evil. Addressing staff dress and hygiene standards can not only be awkward and uncomfortable but can lead to calls of discrimination if standards aren’t clear and fair for all. 


Putting a presentation policy in place that is distributed to all staff can be the first step to ensuring everyone is on the same page about what is expected of them in the workplace. It is not just for customer facing roles either. The right presentation can set the tone for your office standards and provide a working environment that reflects the values of your business. It is also great to provide to new starters so they don’t wear their best suit on the first day when the rest of your employees are in jeans and a button down shirt.


A well set out and easy to read presentation policy not only guides staff but is also handy when an issue arises and gives you something to point to when having a conversation with staff.


There’s no need to spend hours researching and writing your own policy or spending thousands consulting HR companies to create a document that’s simple, to the point and covers all bases. Our GoldDocs Employee Presentation Policy is a straightforward (and fun!) read and is a cost-effective solution to a possibly uncomfortable problem. It is fully customisable once downloaded. 

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