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5 Minutes of Gold with Co-Franchisee of Boost Juice Malvern Central, Nicholas Evans

This weekend we caught up with our clients at Boost Juice Malvern Central for a chat about business as part of our '5 Minutes of Gold' series. Our director enjoyed a Pure Eden (kale and spinach and all the green things) while Nick told us about why a Boost store was his choice for a first business for him and two of his best mates.

What made you choose a Boost Juice Franchise?

This type of business venture was a completely new thing for all three of us. We really liked that Boost was a trusted brand and gave its franchisees strong internal support. We had confidence that Boost would give us a structure to learn from and build from.

What piece of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting out today?

Well, I’m conservative. I think that people planning on going out on their own should be prepared for the worst case scenario. That way, you can prepare and prevent!

As for what to do before starting out – I didn’t appreciate the behind the scenes part of the business enough. I really do wish that I had paid more attention to my accounting subjects at school! It was a steep learning curve to get into doing the books and managing the accounts. Of course, when you start-up a business, you want to minimise costs and do as much in-house as possible, but that means learning not to make mistakes.

What do you love about your business?

I love the potential that being in the business represents. I love that the harder I work, the bigger and stronger the business will grow and that we will create more opportunities in the future.

How do you find running the business with two of your best mates?

It’s actually really great. We work well together and we are supported by our 20 employees. We are lucky that we can always tell each other what we are thinking without worrying about hurting feelings!

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