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Look out business owners – Ransomware is in Australia - Read our tips for your SME and a reminder to

With ‘Ransomware attacks’ reaching Australian shores, it is important for you take the time to think about the cyber security in place in your business. Information makes the world go around and it is central to any business that your information (and your customer’s information) is protected.

SMEs are often more at risk of cyberattacks than larger organisations because your infrastructure might not be as complex as those with bigger budgets for cyber security. This makes it easier for the bad guys to hack into your network.

If you are like many other SME’s, you might be working towards a ‘paperless’ system with storage of data on cloud services. Your business needs to consider the processes and policies you should to have in place to lessen the risks and damage of a cyberattack on your network (even if you are old school and go for paper at times).

Our top five tips for SMEs:

1. Insurance

Do you have insurance in place to protect your business if it is affected by a cyberattack? What does your insurance policy cover? Will you be covered if you do pay some form of ‘ransom’?

2. Protection

Do you have the right software protecting your network?

3. Security Policies

What are the policies in place to protect your data? What is the plan if the network is hacked? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place to guide you in the event of a hack?

4. Service Providers

Is your business protected if it outsources its technology services? What happens if your service provider’s network has been compromised?

5. Privacy Policy

Do you have one? Is it compliant with Privacy legislation? Does it tell your customers that their information might be stored overseas (a legal requirement in many cases)?

With technology moving as fast as it does, hack-proofing your business is a tricky proposition. Working through the top five tips above and filling any gaps in your insurance, polices, security and processes can go a long way to protecting your business from those cyber bad guys.

We are great at putting together Privacy Policies for SMEs and also helping businesses make sure that the policies are implemented. We have a fixed rate for Privacy Policies and would be happy to talk to you about how we can work with your business to help you deal with technology risk.

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