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What's your deal?

UFC owners Lorenzo and Frank Feritta famously wrote a clause into their shareholders agreement that in the event of a boardroom deadlock, they would have a jiu jitsu fight that would be refereed by their friend and UFC President, Dana White. Sometimes we see business owners assume that they are better off with their ‘wink and handshake’ deals. They think putting their deals down in writing will be impossible because the law is rigid and so are legal documents and a written contract couldn’t possibly reflect the parties’ intentions. Ok, we will admit it, there’s usually a form and a pattern and terms that need to be in particular deals. But they are there for a reason, and they are there to p

This means war! (or does it?)

Yesterday on our Instagram account, we posted one of Sun Tzu’s quotes that hit home. In his work ‘The Art of War’, Tzu wrote – The greatest victory is that which requires no battle. It made us think about what that means in the modern world. What does it mean when we are thinking about victories and wins in business? We applied it to how we look at disputes in business. It’s no secret that in litigation, even a winner can come out feeling like they have lost – time, money, energy, privacy – the works (just think about what goes to the other side or the public in discovery, affidavit material, and then evidence in the witness box). So, the real win is getting a resolution before there needs t

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