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A Salute to In-House Counsel (or, What Our Director Learned In-House)

The inception of llgold didn’t just happen in a vacuum. It was only after I jumped the fence from private practice to in-house that I realised that there was a better way for external lawyers to deliver service to businesses. The way we practice at llgold is founded upon these learnings. This means that we are well placed to work with in-house counsel, because, well – we get it. You want us to be responsive, commercial and excellent value for your legal spend. And we are. We know what it means to be in-house. The demands, the expectations, the quirks and the fun stuff. So, how did we get here? From my first day as a shiny new lawyer, in a three-piece suit, rosy-cheeked and full of promise, I

How to have a General Counsel in your business when you don’t have room in the budget yet

There’s no doubt that having a lawyer on staff is ideal. In-house lawyers give businesses fantastic value by understanding their company’s culture, plans, products and dreams. Everything they do as part of their work is coloured by what their company is trying to achieve. An excellent in-house counsel will work to use the law to take your business up and onward on its path to success. The thing is, many small businesses (especially start-ups) don’t have room in the budget for in-house lawyers. Instead, they have to take a punt on external lawyers - often at a significant cost. What if there was something in between? How about finding a lawyer that is prepared to get to know you and your busi

Top 5 issues Melbourne Real Estate Agents should call a lawyer about (but don’t!)

Real Estate Agents - you want to put all of your energy into your business – focus on sales, retaining and growing your property management portfolios and building your revenue. The last thing you want to do is head to a lawyer’s office where you expect they will charge you like a wounded bull, but still won’t understand you or your business. I get it. If that’s the case, maybe you just haven’t found the best lawyer for you yet. If you need some help, check out my article for Kochie’s Business Builders about finding the best lawyer to work with your business - here. Maybe the lawyers at llgold are the right ones for you. Here I discuss the top 5 issues we see Real Estate Agents facing that w

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