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You may want to think twice before using that emoji…

Defamation is a funny little area of the law and in the past, cases have been run because of information published in newspapers, blogs and television programs. As the online world grows and the ways information is conveyed continues to expand, new types of communication is being considered by the courts in this context . Who would have thought that an emoji would be one of the central topics for debate in a defamation case? Well, in Burrows v Houda [2020] NSWDC 485, this is exactly what happened. The offending emoji was this guy: What was the issue? Lawyer Adam Houda tweeted a link to an online article in relation to lawyer Zali Burrows. The article focused on a judges' comments made about

Recent amendents to Retail Leases legislation in Victoria

The Retail Leases Amendment Act 2019 is now in play. Landlords and tenants should make sure they are across the changes when entering into new retail leasing arrangements, or signing up renewals. So, what has changed? Landlords can now recover ESM costs from a tenant This has been hotly disputed for some time now. The legislation now provides for the landlord to recover costs for repair and maintenance work, installing equipment and the installation of fixtures to comply with essential safety measures. Note, however, that in order to recover these types of costs, the lease must specifically include this obligation. Landlords are required to return security deposits within 30 days Tenants ar

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