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Final Reprieve Before Super Crackdown

Businesses have a strong incentive to get their houses in order regarding the payment of superannuation to their employees as new laws came into operation on 1 July 2018 that bring the prospect of jail time for repeat offenders. Currently, employers that fail to pay their employees’ superannuation on time are required to pay penalties in addition to their existing obligations – this is known as the superannuation guarantee charge. The new laws are directed towards employers with a track record of intentionally and repeatedly failing to meet their superannuation liabilities. The Commissioner of Taxation will be empowered to issue repeat offender employers with a final notice to pay the supera

Are the defamation floodgates against Internet search engines about to burst open?

An Aussie individual has recently been successful in the latest battle in a long running war against monolith, Google. The High Court has allowed an action for defamation to continue against Google, despite Google fighting to keep this out of the courts. What is the case about? In 2004, an individual (Plaintiff) was shot in a Melbourne restaurant during an infamous period (Melbourne’s gangland war). Although this incident was unrelated to Melbourne’s criminal underworld, Google search results for the Plaintiff’s name began returning images of him along with underworld figures such as Carl Williams, ‘Chopper Reid’, Mario Condello and Jason Moran. Google’s autocomplete function also began sugg

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