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Tired of chasing debts? How to escalate beyond emails and phone calls

They say money makes the world go around and no one understands that better than a business owner. Having someone owe you money can put your business in a difficult position affecting cash flow, wages and supplier payments. No one enjoys making debtor calls and particularly those that are not returned. After repeated attempts to contact debtors who have put their head in the sand, you may be tempted to engage debt collection agencies or even initiate formal court proceedings. However, these processes are not only expensive, they can be prolonged for months or even years with no guarantee of a successful outcome. So you have tried calls and emails – what next? A Letter of Demand is a formal e

Do your staff know what to wear to work?

Seems like a fairly ridiculous question, right? It would be fair to say that you could assume that your staff know what is expected of them in terms of presentation. However - have you ever received an invitation to a party with a dress code like smart casual, cocktail, morning suit or informal and sat scratching your head? Interpreting your office dress code can be just as tricky when there are no guidelines in place. The days of suits, ties and stockings are giving way to more casual attire but that doesn’t mean we are quite ready for ripped jeans and midriff tops to become the norm. As a business owner, spending time on HR can seem like a necessary evil. Addressing staff dress and hygiene

Do your hospitality staff know what is expected of them? Why a code of conduct for your cafe or rest

“If you don’t care, your customer never will”. Your restaurant or cafe prides itself on the quality of your team's service. The infiltration of social media into our lives has meant word of mouth is one of the fastest ways to turn customers on to or off your business. Having your staff deliver amazing service has never been more important. How do you ensure your staff are on the same page as you when it comes to presentation standards, expectations and the general rules of your business? We think it is vital that hospitability businesses put codes of conduct in place because they make managing expectations, performance and your team easier because they create a set of guidelines for your sta

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