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Benjamin Franklin said that ‘creditors have better memories than debtors’, so how can SMEs ‘remind’

There are a lot of things businesses can do to ensure that invoices or loans are paid on time. For example, good relationship management and prompt invoicing can work wonders for your cash flow. But what happens when your customers don’t pay? What happens if you have made a loan that has not been repaid? We know that our clients have sleepless nights worrying about unpaid invoices or debts, and in particular, the feeling of being between a rock and a hard place because legal proceedings can be costly. We think that it is important for businesses to exhaust all other avenues before hitting court! So, what are your options when your debtors have a selective memory when it comes to meeting thei

Look out business owners – Ransomware is in Australia - Read our tips for your SME and a reminder to

With ‘Ransomware attacks’ reaching Australian shores, it is important for you take the time to think about the cyber security in place in your business. Information makes the world go around and it is central to any business that your information (and your customer’s information) is protected. SMEs are often more at risk of cyberattacks than larger organisations because your infrastructure might not be as complex as those with bigger budgets for cyber security. This makes it easier for the bad guys to hack into your network. If you are like many other SME’s, you might be working towards a ‘paperless’ system with storage of data on cloud services. Your business needs to consider the processe

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