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We are now part of the team at Kochie's Business Builders

Our Director, Laura Racky, has joined Kochie's Business Builders as resident legal expert. Check out Laura's first post here - How to find the right lawyer to work with your business - and stay tuned for weekly tips on how the law can work for your business.

5 Minutes of Gold with Co-Franchisee of Boost Juice Malvern Central, Nicholas Evans

This weekend we caught up with our clients at Boost Juice Malvern Central for a chat about business as part of our '5 Minutes of Gold' series. Our director enjoyed a Pure Eden (kale and spinach and all the green things) while Nick told us about why a Boost store was his choice for a first business for him and two of his best mates. What made you choose a Boost Juice Franchise? This type of business venture was a completely new thing for all three of us. We really liked that Boost was a trusted brand and gave its franchisees strong internal support. We had confidence that Boost would give us a structure to learn from and build from. What piece of advice would you offer entrepreneurs starting

Adapt or die!

Harsh but fair. This is a real challenge for business owners, but one not to be ignored. Angus Kennard, CEO of Kennards Hire, said this week that business can't survive without change. A link to the MyBusiness article and the podcast is here. What's your experience? How do you strike the balance between sticking with what works and changing for your market?

Your idea is yours. Keep it that way.

Today we read this article on StartUp Daily - 'The Pitfalls of Asking an Investor to Sign an NDA'. We couldn’t believe that an investor would tell you that it is ok to tell all and sundry about your brilliant idea without protecting your intellectual property (IP) in it. Dan Gavel goes on to tell you that you should only ask for a non-disclosure agreement (or confidentiality agreement) (NDA) to be signed when covering specific areas including ‘anything IP related or protected’. Guess what? Your ideas are your IP. We think that NDAs are important. Until you are in the market with a well-developed product or service, sharing your IP without protecting it leaves you exposed. What’s stopping the

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